Online Quoting Assistant

Where is Online Quoting Assistant the perfect fit?

Have your company struggled to provide external or internal clients timely quotes with product portfolios tailed to their specific requests? You may be like many wholesalers, retailers, construction companies and laboratories, hiring a big team to work on configuring products into portfolios, pricing them with various discounts, and augmenting each portfolio with documents and manuals. But still, because such work requires absolute attention on details and intensive communication, it is never done well manually.

IT Helps’ Online Quoting Assistant (OQA) is developed to remove these burdens from you and your team. With Online Quoting Assistant, quotes that usually took hours to finalize, now may be completed within a few minutes. More over, in Online Quoting Assistant, you may organize products freely based on clients’ requests, price them with individualized discounts, and pull out a pack of quote-specific product manuals and documents instantly.

How does Online Quoting Assistant solves your quoting difficulty?

Online Quoting Assistnat

Above diagram shows how OQA accomplishes the quoting task. It pulls complete product information, including image, product description, price, manuals and specifications, category, and brand, from Universal Product Manager or your product information management system in real time. You can do quick search with multiple criteria in OQA to find desired products and save them into portfolios. Then by selecting client-specific or/and product-specific discounts to the portfolios, you will see final prices calculated by OQA, along with shipping cost quoted from your choice shipping company. Then, you can do following with the quote:

  • export the full quote with portfolios of prices, shipping costs, product images, and manuals such as product specifications and installation instructions etc.
  • send the quote to your client for approval. (By the way, OQA also provides optional client login and self quoting!)
  • submit the quote to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for conversion.

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