Universal Product Manager (UPM), is an online software application that can manage all your product information within a single platform. UPM alone or integrated with other software platforms, can organize and retrieve your complete product information in a way that best meets the needs of your business. UPM eliminates the inefficiencies created by disconnected, incomplete, or inaccessible product information.

Where is Universal Product Manager the perfect fit?

Does your company or organization produce, buy, sell, store, or consume many unique products? Are your product data often incomplete, disconnected, or inaccessible? Then UPM is for you.
The typical situation is often found in manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, construction companies, and institutions.

product data are scattered

What can be integrated with Universal Product Manager?

You name it —— from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) and warehouse software, to CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) and CPQ (Configure Price Quote Software). Need a user friendly feed to your website, or to exchange data with third parties? UPM has you covered with that, too.
UPM bridges the gap between silo systems and provides accurate, consistent, and comprehensive product information to all players and applications.

Universal Product Manager centralizes product info

How powerful is Universal Product Manager?

UPM puts you in control of what data you store and how they are organized, providing unmatched data management capabilities for maintaining multidimensional product categories or brands.UPM also has a powerful search engine that can quickly retrieve product information in your specific format.

Universal Product Manager let us user define the way to store and retrieve product information
Universal Product Manager organizes products in categories and brands

What benefits does Universal Product Manager bring?

One platform, all your products

UPM is your one stop shop for all needs in product management. It simplifies product management without scarifying details. By adopting UPM, labor, time, and human errors are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Speed up Time to Market

UPM is flexible, complete, fast, and user friendly. It helps accelerating product life cycle, especially Time to Market. It controls product releases and automatically feeds product data to websites, sales tools, and third party e-commerce domains.

Total access; anytime, anywhere

UPM is an online web application that gives you access to your data on any device (computer, tablet, or phone). All you need is an internet connection!

Universal Product Manager reduces cost and boosts profits

How to obtain Universal Product Manager?

Depending on business situation, companies can adopt UPM as an online subscription service or purchase UPM license for installing in company owned server. For details about these two options, please refer to SOFTWARE PACKAGES.

Our expert team follows a SIX-STEP IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS to ensure our clients the return on investment in UPM:

Universal Product Manager implementation process

Want more information?

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