System Integration Service

We are in the middle of Information Technology revolution, any company without a sound IT infrastructure, can’t progress. Integrating silo software applications into a holistic IT structure will significantly improve efficiency, reduce labor cost, and elevate return of investment in software. However, even though most companies realize the importance of system integration, they can’t find a competent team to execute such projects. Let alone that IT structure should be built not only for current business situation, but also for future business growth. Meanwhile, system integration projects are not merely one shot work, it is a commitment from both owners and the implementation team on a lifelong term. IT Helps crew are very proud of our ability of quickly understanding your business and rich experiences in integrating various enterprise software applications. Our system integration service is the perfect union between thoughtful business consultation and thorough technical execution. Our goal is to become your lifelong partner in the adaptation to Information Technology Era.

Regardless whether the integration is between our proprietary software applications and your home grown applications, or between your website/e-Commerce store and Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP), or between your inventory system and web applications, or between your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and your accounting or reporting system, we handle them all with full attention to your business practices.

Six-step implementation process

IT Helps follows our proven six-step implementation process to keep focus on business itself. We ensure the systems built carry your company through the business adventures now and for many years to come. Below diagram is a summary of the six-step process:

System Integration implementation process

For more details about our robust, business centric six-step implementation process, please visit IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS page now.

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