Six-step Implementation Process

Your company might be like many others — there are always plans to improve your information technology infrastructure. But you can’t find a technical partner, who understands your business, cares about your long-term goal, and is technically competent. At IT Helps, our focus is on your business. That’s why we’ve developed a six-step process to make sure that not only the software itself works well, but it also meets the needs of your business. With our proven business-centric implementation process, IT Helps can be your long-term partner, just as we are with our current clients. We implement software systems that carry you through business adventures now and for many years to come.

IT Helps team of experienced professionals will work closely with your team in every step:

Step 1: Investigate

Investigation is the foremost action in ensuring a successful implementation. In this step, we collect use cases, identify key stakeholders, and learn your business needs, objectives and challenges.

Step 2: Identify

We identify resources needed for the project, which can include hardware, software, time, and most importantly, people. The people needed are from IT Helps and your company, and sometimes third parties. We also make sure everyone on the team understands the budget, timeline, and any other constraints.

Step 3: Plan

We believe good planning is the key to successful implementation. With input from all of your organization’s key stakeholders, our team of experts, leveraging their rich, hands-on project experiences and deep technical knowledge, will create a project plan that includes a sound solution design, thoughtful schedule, and detailed task assignments.

Step 4: Execute

In this step, we execute the implementation plan, which typically includes things like coding software, creating databases, and integrating existing systems. Our team, especially project managers, work closely with your team to keep the process going smoothly.

Step 5: Verify and Validate

In this step, we test the software to ensure it meets all requirements — this is where most other software companies stop. At IT Helps, we go one important step further — we validate that the solution meets your business needs and fits into even your most complex business environments.

Step 6: Release and Support

A well planned release is the most exiting moment in the whole software implementation process. IT Helps is very proud of the 100% success rate in our project releases. But the true success is marked by the business gain brought by the implemented solution. IT Helps is with you on the path after project release. We understand how important it is for you to get the most out of the new software system implemented, and it continues run smoothly. So, we provide periodic free training, and recommend comprehensive maintenance plans for all software systems we implement.

System Integration implementation process

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